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Version 0.6.6

  1. Black Cultist HP Bug - capSAR
    • HP decreases past 0 after fleeing a fight with the Black Cultust (He tries to sell coins for HP)
    • Player survives once Hp drops below a certain negative number
  2. Infinite loop of killing enemies - capSAR
    • After fleeing enemies repeatedly, the player will be stuck in a loop of successful kills, allowing infinite levelling, but the game is stuck like this
    • Only way to end this is by closing the game
  3. Renting a room and trying to buy an Inn does nothing - capSAR
    • Renting a room either at full health or while hurt does nothing
    • Trying to buy an Inn does nothing
  4. Unable to choose perks past the 9th spot - a_little_obscene (from reddit)
    • As shown in the image below, the player was unable to select perks beyond the 9th slot of Studded Skin
      Perk Bug
      • This bug has been resolved in the latest build of version 0.6.6 Reddit Link

5. Shack Family Issue - capSAR

  • If the player chooses to attack a family offering free food (you raider you!), and flees every fight, the family will be announced as dead and lootable even though they are very much alive.
  • This should change to two different outcomes, one if the player kills the family, the other if the player flees. The player should not get to loot a house with people living inside still.

6. Regrowth Perk Bug - KaiserPodge

  • If you have more than 1 rank of Regrowth, you can potentially go over your max health if you were less than the difference (from 99 to 101 of 100 with 2 ranks).
  • Admin Note: This bug is fixed in the next version.

7. Negative buy values - /u/all_of_zimbabwe

  • Sometimes after mining a lot of minerals, a mine can cost a negative value, giving you money for purchasing it.
  • Here is an image showing the issue. zBRxLad.png
  • Leaving the mine and coming back fixes the issue.

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